Stella Jean – SS 2017

Rosantica jewels have enriched the looks of the great fashion designer Stella Jean during her Spring - Summer 2017 Fashion show in Milan. Bright colours and sparkling material for a contemporary yet sophisticated look.

Stella Jean

Rosantica FW 2017/2018 Collection’ s journey begins with the discovery of ourselves, going through the soul’s heart of hearts. A fairytale with a modern and frightened Alice, who loses herself into a magical and enchanted wood, managing to escape from the world’s external war and revealing herself to be the heroin and warrior at the same time. The magic of the woods and its elements, mysterious yet extremely fascinating, embrace the selected quartzes, crystals and resins of Rosantica’s tradition, giving birth to unique jewels. Dense weaves of gold toned chain and military coins underline the elegance of the jewels and the attention to details.