Eiffel Tower

This limited edition treasure is made with almost 3000 crystals in 3 different shades of colors. The final effect is a stunning unmistakable tower, just like the Eiffel Tower is.

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Holli Paris

Discover also Holli Paris! Our iconic Holli bag becomes a globetrotter. Its architectural structure is dressed up in light color lettering which refers to the theme of the collection: a dream trip around the most amazing cities of the world.

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This dreamy journey could not forget Paris, the most romantic and inspiring city in the world, a second home for our Artistic Director Michela Panero.

This mythical city hides wonders at every corner, you never know it completely. In addition to its architectural masterpieces, vintage bookstores and the magnificent views from the Seine, her favorite thing about Paris is its Bistros! You can dine or sit outside the beautiful cafès to feed your soul by just looking around and letting all that beauty seduce you.

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